At EasyStandard, we are proud to support women-run nonprofits through our EasyGiving program. By identifying and partnering with impactful organizations, we’re able to work together in making important strides in women’s healthcare, enterprise and leadership. 


Why the focus on women-run organizations?


We know women are passionate, talented and effective leaders. But research shows women-run organizations don’t often get the credit — and thus the funding — they deserve. One study found that the exact same pitch is likely to be viewed as “persuasive” and “logical” when presented by a man but written off as emotional when presented by a woman. 


Which is too bad, because we also know that women are tremendously philanthropic. In fact, compared with men of equal means, women tend to be more generous in their charitable giving.


So it made perfect sense for us to introduce you to women-run organizations that #pushthestandard by solving big problems through innovation, ambition and advocacy. We named our charitable outreach program EasyGiving because we wanted to make it easy to give back. Here’s how it works.



First, we partnered with three phenomenal nonprofits — RISE by Sundara, Period. and the Colette Louise Tisdahl Foundation. Working with these organizations, we came up with three ways for our customers to get involved. These include: 


Donating at checkout. On each product page and when you add an item to your cart, you’ll notice a box asking if you want to donate $1, $3 or $5 to our charity partners. You can pick the one that resonates most with you or split the donation evenly across all three. To sweeten the deal, we’ll add a 50% match to your donation. Every dollar raised goes directly to the designated charity or charities.


Donating your points. If you haven’t signed up for our EasyInsider rewards program yet, do it now. Seriously. We give you points for every dollar spent as well as everyday actions like following us on social, leaving us a review, posting a photo or even just celebrating your birthday. These points convert to cash, which you can use on a future purchase or donate to a charity partner. 


Donating your time and expertise. Feeling inspired by the ways these organizations #pushthestandard They’d love for you to get involved. At RISE by Sundara, volunteers assist in grading applications and offer mentorship to burgeoning entrepreneurs. Period. chapters around the country are powered by volunteers who help with menstrual hygiene product drives and distribution. The Colette Louise Tisdahl Foundation seeks guest bloggers to share what they know — either from personal or professional experience — about prenatal and postpartum health.


In the coming months, you’ll be hearing more from these organizations and the people they serve. We’ll also be rolling out some exciting promotions like our Get 20%, Give 20% offer.


Meanwhile, we invite you to tell us more about the organizations that mean the most to you. We’re always happy to donate new product for fundraising and outreach efforts. Just email us at and let us know how we can help.


We’re all in this together. Let’s #pushthestandard together.