I Had to See If This Viral Tank Top Lived Up to Its Internet Hype

By Alex I.

Last Updated: September 2, 2023

As I build a sustainable wardrobe to take me through my 30s, I am still chasing the elusive perfect white tank. So when the internet collectively lost its mind over EasyStandard’s Rib Tank—which has reportedly sold out five times—my curiosity got the best of me. Could these tanks be the one? I had to find out.

Softness Meets Structure

From the moment I tried it on, EasyStandard's Tank, it just felt different. Its modal-cotton combo with a touch of spandex stretches to hug the body without being skintight. The tank is lightweight—cozy enough to sleep in, thin enough to layer—but not so sheer that you can see through it. Plus EasyStandard’s rib is notably finer than many of the way harsh ribbed tanks on the market, adding some understated texture to the otherwise unbelievably soft fabric.

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A Skillful Silhouette

The silhouette is also something special. I have a knack for going through tops quickly, in large part because of my loyalty to a particularly aluminum-heavy deodorant. Typically, I wear my white tanks out in a season or two (if I’m lucky). But the Tank is nothing short of genius—it cuts in slightly at the chest, highlighting the shoulders while steering clear of the underarms. The straps were also ingeniously designed to ensure you can wear a bra for that extra support with out any fuss. EasyStandard’s subtle design choices make a not-so-subtle difference, elevating the tank to a league of its own when it comes to comfort and longevity.

Cool Girl Versatility

The EasyStandard Tank is the embodiment of off-duty model, cool girl style that I’ve always attempted but never quite pulled off (until now!). It’s a truly versatile piece that’s just as stunning under a blazer as it is with ripped jeans or sweats. It doesn’t hurt that the tank hits well below the waist, flattering every body type—unlike the the crop tops of the 2010s or the camis of Y2K. It's the perfect length to leave untucked if that's your vibe, yet just long enough to tuck in with out any extra fabric bunching up and ruining an outfit.

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Investment-Worthy Quality

This tank is designed to last, and it shows. EasyStandard prioritizes relationships with suppliers and manufacturers committed to fair labor practices, which puts it at a higher price point—and quality level—than your average fast fashion retailer. I’m all about investing in well-made pieces, but the product has to hold up. I put the Tank to the test early on, tossing it into my bag for an impromptu summer escape while completely forgetting to pack any alternatives. Not only did it survive back-to-back wash cycles while holding its shape (hot tip: opt for cold water), it somehow ended up even softer.

The Verdict? Iconic

EasyStandard’s Rib Fabric isn’t the first ribbed top to go viral, and it won’t be the last—but it may be the last I ever buy. It’s the ideal base layer that’s also actually wearable on its own: a true day-to-night icon. And with a little help from EasyStandard’s 25% off deal on bundles of three or more tops, it makes the perfect foundation for any capsule wardrobe. Whether you opt for one or channel your inner Cher Horowitz, know that this Tank is all that (and more).

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