An easy guide for an easy basic

T-shirt dresses are an easy and classic basic that you can style in multiple different ways. Their loose silhouettes, effortless style and soft material make for a comfortable and versatile piece. 


From shorter, short sleeve t-shirt style dresses to longer, tank-top styles, you can find multiple ways to wear them. When layered with the correct clothing, a t-shirt dress can take you through all the seasons, offering the piece a new life each season and making it a staple in your wardrobe. 


Below we take you through the basics of how and why it is so versatile and give you multiple ways to style a t-shirt dress. We give you ideas on how to style it for different times and occasions, covering most, if not all, of the possible situations where you can wear your t-shirt dress. From casual days out to working at the office, we've got you covered! 


Read on to find out how to make the most of that t-shirt dress you have got hanging in your closet or have been eyeing to bite the bullet and purchase forever. 

Understanding the basics

When taking one piece and finding multiple ways to style it, you first have to look at what this article of clothing provides you with. As we have established, the t-shirt dress is a great staple, making it a fantastic layering piece.


While you can always wear it on its own with a pair of trainers and achieve a simple warm-weather look, adding layers and other interesting pieces to the outfit will make it richer and end up highlighting our base piece. Besides this, it also allows you to transition your t-shirt dress into different occasions and environments. 

How to style the t-shirt dress 10 different ways

Here are 10 different ways you can wear your t-shirt dress, giving it a new lease on life with each iteration.

A casual Sunday look

For a casual look, pair your favorite length t-shirt dress with a sweatshirt. Make sure it hits around your waistline so it doesn't look too boxy. Choose either a contrasting or matching color for either a monochrome or color-block look. Add a pair of combat boots or your favorite sneakers for a sporty touch. Finish it off with a small crossbody bag that keeps the outfit practical.

A fall day look

When the weather starts getting cooler, think about wearing your t-shirt dress as a base layer. Pair a shorter length t-shirt dress with some sheer tights and loose knee-high boots. Add an oversized blazer or a flowing trench coat over the dress for the perfect rainy-day look. If it is extra cold, add a warm scarf to protect you and keep you cozy. 

A winter wonderland look

When the temperatures drop and the cold weather sets in, layer your t-shirt dress under a warm turtle neck and add some heeled knee-high boots with some warm tights. Finish off the look with an oversized classic long wool jacket, wool hat and gloves to keep you extra warm. Perfect for a cold winter's day.

A working 9 to 5 look

When styling it for work during colder weather, add a wool or cashmere type sweater over your longer t-shirt dress. Wear a double-breasted blazer over that combination for a more formal look. Pair it with your favourite work heels, ballet flats or loafers. In this case, if you opt for the shorter length t-shirt dress be sure to choose one made with thicker material to give you more structure. 

A spring picnic look

For a spring look, pair your shorter t-shirt dress with a knitted vest. Add a boxy denim jacket in your favorite wash and some colorful mules. Pair it with a cotton tote for an easy and casual finishing touch to your perfect spring look.

A night out on the town look

For a night out, wear a cropped shirt over the dress. One that ties or tightens at the waist will provide more shape to a looser t-shirt dress. On top, add a leather jacket or blazer. Pair it with a small clutch or crossbody bag for an elevated accent. Wear your favourite pair of heeled boots for a comfortable-yet-cool look. 

A summer market day look

For the summer season, throw a loose shirt in your preferred fabric (linen, silk, cotton) over your favorite t-shirt dress. Pick either a shorter length or a longer length t-shirt dress, depending on your preference. Wear it unbuttoned, over your t-shirt dress, as an overshirt, or tie it with a knot to define your waist. Pair the look with some chunky sandals or comfortable sneakers to finish off the look. Add a straw tote bag and some gold hoops for the perfect summer day at the market look!

A relaxed robe look

Another way of styling your longer length t-shirt dress is to pair it with a long robe-style jacket. The matching longer lengths of both pieces creates a streamlined look, elevating a casual piece such as the t-shirt dress into a more refined piece. Try to find a robe-style jacket that is embellished with beading and embroidery for a relaxed yet rich look. Add some strappy sandals, either heeled or flat, in matching tones to finish off the look.  

A simple and casual look

For an easy and casual look that will still keep you warm, layer a thin turtle neck under your t-shirt dress. Add a cute knit cardigan on top and style it with a pair of cowboy boots on your feet. Add your favorite backpack for a practical touch. This look is perfect for a back-to-school outfit, but of course you can wear it even if you're not headed back to class. 


As you can see, the t-shirt dress is a fantastically versatile piece that can be paired in many ways to give you multiple outfits. 


While the options above suggest specific pieces, you can use these outfit ideas as a formula. Adapt them for different occasions, switching out articles for things you already have in your closet or make more sense in your life.


We hope these outfit ideas spark some other looks in your mind and have persuaded you to either pull out the t-shirt dress you already have and give it a spin or click “buy” on this easy staple piece. 


With so many outfit options, you will be wearing it multiple times throughout the week, and it'll become your most-worn piece in no time!