While for some people, the game season is mostly about sports, for others it's also about the cute outfits you get to wear to the games. Putting together good outfits that will let you cheer on your team with your amazing team spirit can be quite the task. 


There are two main factors to take into consideration: being comfortable enough to move around and showing your support for your team. Luckily for you, we’ve come prepared with some great outfit ideas that will take you through the game season. 

Our look recommendations

No matter what sports season you’re taking part in, wearing your team’s colors is the best way to show which side you’re on. So get ready to dig out your team’s merch and get the low-down on how to style it and make it last the season.

Comfy Sweatshirt

Start the game season with a casual and sporty outfit. Show off your team pride with a team jersey. Pair it with some comfortable denim shorts and sneakers for a laidback look. Wear a crossbody bag on top and pair a comfy sweatshirt in one of the team colors to continue the theme and keep your warm if it gets cold. Add some team socks or a team hat, if you have them, in case the jersey gets covered.

Jeans and a Tee

For game two, wear your favourite pair of jeans with a cool t-shirt. Pick either a solid, good quality t-shirt in your team colors or, for a fun pop, choose a graphic tee with an interesting drawing or pattern. Throw an oversized shirt or cute cardigan on top. 

Pair it with a chunky pair of sandals that will still protect you should you encounter any loose feet out to stomp you. For an extra infusion of team spirit, add a pair of earrings in your team’s colors or a patterned silk scarf in your hair.

Printed Trousers and a Tank Top

For the third game of the season, pair a loose tank top with a cool pair of printed trousers. Either color coordinate according to your team’s jersey colors or take a break and have fun combining other colors. Add some cool canvas sneakers and a leather blazer on top for a more fashion-forward look, then grab a small backpack to carry all your essentials. Add a team pin on your t-shirt for an extra boost of support.

Funky Knits and Textures

If you are looking for a comfortable, casual look, wear a pair of waffle textured shorts in a fun, bright color. Wear an oversized shirt on top in a muted, neutral colour. Tuck in one side of the shirt to create a more intentional look. Take your belongings in a cool tote bag and finish off the look with some sneakers and a knit sweater.

T-Shirt Dress

A great, comfortable option to wear to any game is the t-shirt dress. Layer under a warm knit sweater, then top with a scarf in your team’s colors. For shoes, go with a pair of knee-high boots. Add some cool statement earrings and a small crossbody bag. There are many other ways you can style this piece. though.The t-shirt dress is a versatile and easy-to-wear piece that can give you multiple outfits.

Athletic and Cozy

You are halfway through the season, and it’s not that you don’t want to be at the game but you’d equally enjoy being cozy in bed watching a movie. (Don’t worry, we get it.)


For this situation, pull out a pair of comfortable joggers and rock them to the game. After all, it is a sports game, they might even think you are part of the team. If you go for a neutral coloured jogger, complement it with a team t-shirt to liven up your morale. Another option is some official team spirit joggers. In that case, pair them with a neutral t-shirt and you’ll feel that you never left your bed. Add a team hat and hopefully by the end of the game you’ll be feeling back in the team spirit. Finish the look with your sneakers and a knit sweater.

Cozy Sherpa Jacket

For a colder game day, take inspiration from a cozy sherpa jacket. Pair it with some straight leg jeans in a cream or a lighter wash. Add a cute blouse in your team colors for an extra pop of team spirit. Choose one that has some interesting detailing to it. Pair your favourite ankle boots with this look and you'll be more than ready for the game. Pair a cute scarf in your team’s secondary color for the total team-spirit package.

Turtleneck Sweater

If you’re feeling like you want to dress up a little but don’t want to overdo it, this one’s for you. Take one of your favourite strappy dresses and layer a turtleneck in one of your team’s colors underneath. For example, pairing it under a midi length silk dress will instantly make you look less casual while keeping you warm and comfortable. Wear a pair of classic ankle boots or combat boots for a little bit of edge. For added team spirit, let your team socks peek out of your boots or finish the look with your team hat. 

Corduroy Jumpsuit

Another great way to feel more dressed up is to style a turtleneck under a 70s-inspired corduroy jumpsuit. If you’re sticking to the team-color theme, wear the same colored turtleneck as the previous game outfit suggests. For the jumpsuit, a cream-colored one is always a safe bet since it pairs nicely with most colors. For shoes, go with a pair of heeled ankle boots. Finish off the look with a small backpack. 

Midi Dress

Another t-shirt dress option is a longer midi length. Style this version of the dress with a shirt tied at the waist. On top, add an oversized double-breasted blazer that is equally as comfortable as it is fashionable. Finish the look off with a pair of combat boots. Add a touch of team spirit with a silk scarf in your team colors around your neck. Don’t forget to take an easy tote bag to carry all your necessities.

Soft Sherpa Half Zip Sweater

As you approach the end of the season, cozy up in a soft sherpa half zip sweater. Wear it with a simple pair of flared jeans. Add a pair of ankle boots with a slight heel to juxtapose the casual nature of the sweater. Add a scarf and hat in your team colors and finish off the look with your trusty crossbody bag. Complement the look with some gold jewelry. For example, look for some interesting hoops and rings that pull the look together.

Team Jersey For the Win!

With the end of the game season upon you, let's end with a big bang. For your last game take your team jersey back out. Wear it with a pair of cool leather shorts. Add some tights and a pair of knee-high boots for added warmth. Wear a sweatshirt matching the team’s colors and your team scarf. If there was ever a time to go overboard with team merch, this would be it. Take the trusty cross-body bag that has accompanied you through the whole season and you’re ready to go support your team! 


Getting dressed in the team spirit can be hard, and you might lack inspiration during the season. We hope these outfit suggestions can help you in the right direction. Remember to make sure you are comfortably dressed but also feel good in your outfits. Just because it’s a sporting event doesn't mean fashion has to be sacrificed. 


Look for easy-to-wear pieces that let you move around freely. Pieces that are warm, comfortable and fashionable will be your best bet for outdoor games. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes. For bags, easy, small bags and totes that carry all your essentials without weighing you down are your best option. Remember that it is also OK to wear more casual outfits if you are feeling like it, joggers and shorts are great options and can look just as good when styled with the right pieces. 


While getting ready for games might be part of the ritual and game season process, the most important part of all should always be to make sure you are having fun, enjoying yourself and showing your team your support. That is truly what game season is all about.


Now go out there and show your team your endless support! We’re sure you will all have an amazing game season armed with these great looks.